i read this somewhere

but unfortunately wasn't able to find it again:

did you ever have a memory sneak out of your eyes and roll down your cheeks?


  1. hi kuya! sus, yan lang na-appreciate mo? yung emote? what about the fact that i sort of cook now? =) sus, di man lang ka-appreciate2x yun. oh well. i appreciate myself (hihihi). take care kuya. i hope you're well. =)

  2. Mahirap kasi maappreciate kapag hindi natitikman eh. Hohoho! So kailan mo ako papatikimin ng mga luto mo?

  3. what date do you have in mind, kuya? and, i'm sorry, wala na akong balita from you about your doings and whereabouts. can i text you with regard to this? :)

  4. I'm at Jakarta now, so texting me might be a bit too expensive. Hehe. Email me instead. Kwentuhan tayo. :D. Yahoo mail :D

  5. i'm sorry. i was a bit unclear. i meant about the date. but thank you. :D


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