the rains, august 7, 2012

i woke up that day with a text from my company asking if i was coming in. i went down to find my housemates gathered in the sala where they were watching the news.They told me not to go to work.

" 'di po ako makakapasok, sir. baha na po kami dito sa 6th floor ng building namin," they urged me to text. "paki-padala nalang po ng amphibian dito at paki-secure na rin po ng safety ko kung gusto niyong pumasok ako..."

so with an impromptu day off in my hands, i went back to my room to do nothing and in the late afternoon, i received a text from lalushka:

load at last! kamusta dyan cor? pinasok na kami ng baha kaninang umaga, buti naman walang brownout. stay safe, dearling!

i was very glad to hear from her and to be assured of her safety. but mostly, i was just glad to be thought of. (hahahaha, selfish, hihihi. jk.)

i was hibernating just fine but then at about 6 p.m., i realized that i was getting hungry and would need to eat soon so i took a bath and decided to go down the building to scout the area for a possible trip to the nearest restaurant and food store.

subsequently, i asked my housemates if they wanted me to get anything for them. "magpapabili ako ng ice cream," chaida said.

"in this weather?" mafel asked. this struck me as funny because earlier, she and i had been talking about heading to starbucks, and so i said, "eh, ikaw nga eh, gusto mag-starbucks!"

to which mafel retorted, "hoy, ikaw din kaya!"

we laughed amused at our indulgent needs and cravings and we agreed that "kanya-kanyang trip lang 'yan."

it was mafel and i who wanted to go to starbucks but we eventually decided against it because of the likely probability that the streets going to there would be flooded.

"baka ma-stranded pa kayo," chaida said.

tas may rescue team na darating, we joked. and they would see me and mafel with our starbucks frapps, and they would say, "ah, kasi po, ma'am, meron pa po kasing mas less fortunate kaysa sa inyo. sila po kasi 'yung priority namin..."

i went out afterwards to the nearby restaurant and got there in safety. i ordered food to go and waited and noticed that everything eatable looked good. but while there, i received a ring from an unknown number.

"hello?" i said cautiously.

it was mafel. they were checking whether i was fine. "baka lumalangoy-langoy ka na jan."

"ah, okay lang naman ako," i reassured. "waist-deep lang naman ang tubig." jk.

then the food arrived and i went back home. we ate, then i retired to my room, listened to some music, prayed for the flood victims and went to sleep. the next day was work again.

note: my prayers go out to the victims of the flood. my heart is also thankful for my safety and the safety of those i know. that is all. take care!


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