5 p.m.

because we should notice the little things in life, right?

my favorite time of the day is probably 2 a.m. next to that, i love 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. these times are perfect for solitary thinking and conversations with yourself in bed and for reviewing your day, your life and your heart in silent words and mental pictures. 5 a.m. is especially beautiful, though. i love watching 5 a.m.'s. i'd stand by the window and watch the world as the day begins. i wouldn't be thinking of anything poetic, actually (because this is the first thing that people would often suppose). i'm nothing if not literal.

but i'm writing this because today i looked out the window and realized that it was a lovely 5 p.m. not my usual favorite time of day but the weather was dewy and unobtrusive. it was gray but it wasn't a damper. or maybe it's just so to me because i like the rain.

and it occurred to me that my 4 a.m.'s were wonderful because they were shared with others. the 4 a.m.'s that i loved the most were those i spent still up talking and laughing with a housemate or a friend. blessed times.

3 a.m., on the other hand, is my nemesis. i'm often paranoid of this time of night. whenever i find myself aware of being in it, i'd wait with some annoyed trepidation for the clock to strike 3:01. it's because of this exorcism movie i watched 5 years ago. i never really got over it. it's the movie that must not be named.

and i don't know how to end this but i remember something from marilynne robinson. she said that we live in a planet that is very interesting. it deserves all the attention we can give it. i don't know if people are given to noticing their favorite times of day, but i'll take this statement of hers and re-phrase it: this is a very interesting life we live. its details deserve all the noticing we can give it.


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