another dreary day

what i'm thinking of right now:

1. i'm thinking of how my everyday life feels sad and empty. the work i'm doing feels lobotomizing. i'm trying to get out of it but so far my efforts have been unsuccessful.

i try not to let it get to me but this is one of those days when my trying isn't enough. i feel a lump in my throat. but i will not cry because the next day will come and i need to continue.

2. so i think of all the other mundane things i have to do: tonight i'm going to go home and have an apple and banana shake because it's a drink that makes me feel better. then i will try to sleep as soon as possible because the next day, i still need to try.

3. and oh my god, i need to write a letter to smartbro nga pala. i haven't done it yet and i was hoping to get it finished this week.

4. i'm meeting my brother this weekend and i'm hoping he's not going to spring on me a surprise - like bringing one of our parents with him. i don't want to see my parents.

5. friday - there are some things i wanna buy:
- a black dress
- a top
- a shower curtain
- a belt

6. are these things worth writing about? no, not really. but right now, i don't really have a lot worth writing about.

7. also, right now i'm trying to learn by heart the words to flo rida's club can't handle me and eminem's lose yourself. i want to practice singing them (or rapping them) later tonight, if i will allot myself the time. hihi.

i almost got the flo rida song down. :D


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