1st time to buy a foam mattress

 photo uratexfoam_zps644e2855.jpg

today, i snuck off some time to go to SM and buy a foam mattress. the mattress that i was using got infested with bed bugs and they bit me in my arms, feet, and fingers. i became unwilling to sleep on my bed.

for a few days, i slept in the sala, where i got two sofa chairs and connected them together to form a makeshift bed. i was a little like a refugee. kawawa ako. :(

but today, i have a bed again, and it's an even better situation. i'm very happy with the bed foam i bought. it's uratex, only 4 inches, and within budget. i am stoked about sleeping on it tonight. this marks the first time EVER that i have bought myself a foam mattress.

it's also the first time that i'm going to buy bedsheets. the ones that i have are from home. they're not my own taste so i'm excited to be the one picking out a bedsheet style and design for myself. :D

i've already gone through the selections and i've decided what to buy. there's this monochromatic yellow bedsheet set that i'm set on buying. it's pretty and cheerful and it's going to be wonderful sleeping to them and waking up to them. :D

so excited. so, so excited. what time is my break? i need to go back to the mall. :D


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