blood on the floor

We're on the first week of our transition. It's a four-week phase. Today was our first day. Here are some of the things that occurred.

The customer had just stated his or her concern and Enrico was trying to verify it and confirm his understanding of the customer's concern as per proper call flow procedure.

Enrico: (to the customer) Based on my understanding.......what was that again?

Our transition coaches said that we were different from other waves in that we really try to build rapport with the customer and pamper them. She was referring to Joe's call.

Joe had placed his customer on hold while he researched on the issue at hand. When the call hold time was up, he went back to the customer as per call hold policy.

Joe: (releasing the customer from hold status) are you, ma'am?

See? We try, right?

I was in the middle of a call which took me a freaking hour to resolve. ^_^ I was talking with my wavemates some while putting the customer on hold as we tried to understand and come up with a resolution to the issue. And in the midst of our discussions, I would suddenly interrupt them by putting my hand up while I go back to the customer or confer again with him.

My wavemates began to tease me about putting the hand up thing. I'm going to be the put-the-hand-up girl for this day. Hehe. So sorry.

Ugh, I don't think I did great today. However that's fine. I've always believed I was like wine and cheese anyway. I get better with time.

Anyway, ciao! :)

Oh by the way, thanks transition buddy!


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