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I logged in on my computer and then went out. I came back to the training room. JM was holding the attendance sheet and he was putting in his log-in time.

JM: Cory, what time did you log in? (His ballpen was poised on top of the paper.)
Cory: 10:09.
JM: (Laughing.)
Cory: I logged in at 10:09...What?
Yelle: He's counting.


I came back after having gone out. From his seat, he held up two fingers forming a V.


Finally, JM went out for the first time since the start of the shift. He looked at me working on the computer as he pushed open the door to our right, trying to see if I would note. Of course! I turned the notebook in front of me and marked it. :p


He came back after his second time to go out. The class was in the middle of a discussion. He took his seat but as he passed me by, he held up three fingers to indicate that I had gone out thrice and he had counted. Hehe. He was wrong. I had gone out four times.


As we were working on web-based modules again...

JM: (noticing that the door was ajar) Who went out?
Cory: I don't know.
JM: (looking around the room) Oh, it's my friend. (He was referring to Addy.) You know, Addy is the only gay friend I have.
Cory: Don't you know other gay people?
JM: I do. But I'm not very comfortable with them. Addy is the only one that I'm comfortable...makipagkulitan...
Cory: Apriiil!!! (I shrieked, pretending to call our trainer.) JM said something in the binocular!!

Hahahaha....I was laughing because I was pretending to rat on JM's "binocular" expression. Hehe.


JM is also actually my trasition buddy. (Groan).

We're going to be supposedly helping each other out on the first day of transition week. He'll be the first to take calls before I take over.

JM: Are you nervous, Cory?
Cory: Of course!....I will make a placard - Go JM! What's your favorite color?
JM: Red.
Cory: Okay. (I pretended to hold a placard.) Go JM! Drop the call, JM! Hit release! Hit release! Clearance! Clearance! Clearance!


I'm going to make a great transition buddy. :D That'll be my cheer: Clearance! Clearance! Clearance!

Oh no, transition week. :(



By the way, I hope nobody is getting any ideas, wondering why I'm mentioning this JM in my blog. :) He's married, guys, and there's nothing going on here, and he's younger than me. I'm not one to romantically like guys younger than me. :) Ciao!


  1. nako cory bells, diyan din nagsimula ang lolo at lola ko. pero wag nga yan. may singsing na. :p

  2. hmph! i just said - not to get any ideas eh! kumusta Kuya Niks? Loving Malaysia Truly Asia??? Hehe. Truly Asia - that's what they claim in their commercial...Ingat! Don't jump off the Petronas Towers, hehe! (Though I wouldn't worry about that with you...^_^)


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