May 26, 2011

(Events/conversations that happened in a day in training.^_^)

One day, at the training room, I was using my computer when it began to hang...

JM: I think the problem with your computer is that it's not being used enough because you're always out (of the training room).

Cory: You're so mean!!! You keep going out more than I do!

JM: You're always out. Ask Yelle.

Hence, this tally.


Tally (For Going Out of the Training Room)


*1st break*-----------------------------*1st break*
*2nd break*-----------------------------*2nd break*


Why I went out before the first break:
I - to buy ensaymada (hungry)
I - to get coffee and go to the CR


While in the training room...
Cory: (thought bubble) Sniff; sniff. I wanna go out. CR break again. Good thing the break is just 15 minutes away...I'm not gonna lose this tally.)


One time, I was looking at JM's computer screen and saw that his name was John Dela Cruz. I said, "Your name is Juan dela Cruz."

He said, "I know. I hate it."

And so, because I cannot go out, I will start calling JM Juan. He is responsible for this.


There's a wrapper from the ensaymada I ate and the one from the candy I just popped into my mouth. I want to throw them away but there's no trash can inside the room. See? I have valid reasons for going out. ^_^ But this time, I won't. Hehe.

JM: You're not going out, Cory Bells?

Kaasar to si JM.


(I'm trying not to be obvious about this tally. I want JM to forget about it so that he will just go out imperviously. :D)


JM: Did you go out?
Cory: No! (retorting)

(Shoot. There's no going out now. Damit. Hahahahaha)


JM: You're not going out, Cory?

Hahay. Hindi nalang. :p


Oh my gosh, I'm hungry...huhuhu...pantry...


While we were reading and answering web-based modules...

Cory bobs in her chair to the beat of the music on her earplugs. JM follows suit.

Cory: You're so mean!!!
JM: What? I"m just making an observation...


Our training room is rectangular. And along two parallel sides, long tables are attached to the walls and single rows of computers are placed on top. I sit in front, near the projector screen our trainer uses for training discussions. So, the arrangement is like this:

x x x x x x x x x JM Cory

*another set of long tables -- Projector Screen & Whiteboard
at the center of the room*

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Now in the part where I sit, the lights are often turned off so that the class can get a better visual of the projector screen and the page being projected. I'm used to my part of the room being darkened and we in front get startled when the lights are suddenly switched on. So anyway, that day, I wanted to switch our lights off so I approached my wavemates at the opposite end.

Cory: Do you prefer the light (on our part) on or off?
Addy: Off...We prefer it off all the time. (Yeah, me too, Addy!)
Cory: (to Enrico) Hey, can I turn the light off?
Enrico: Why? What are you up to? (He asked with a grin.)
Cory: Haha. Funny.


Cory gets up from her chair and goes to the other end of the room. Her feet are itching to go out.

JM: (calling out) Are you going out, Cory?
Cory: No!


I had gone back to my seat and Zeph had come over and was closing her eyes as she reclined on a chair.

Cory: Zeph, don't sleep anymore. It's just 3 min to break. Finally, I can go out.


Cory sings All You Wanted under her breath as she answers the modules. JM begins singing the song also. He receives a whack on the arm.

JM: What? It's the music from your earplugs...I can hear it!


We needed to create a mock case in the web-based training environment of our systems. The scenario was for when a customer cancels service.

JM was working on the case while I was waiting for the page to load on my computer.

JM: What do I write?...I know!

He writes -

Cory Bells called in to cancel the account of her husband RICHARD SANDERS who will be deployed for military duty in Mindanao, Philippines.


This part is nice but it didn't happen on this day, so it's not supposed to be a part of this conversation/event log.

I turned to my computer and began typing a phrase on our system search engine. It was a phrase, like, "processing a payment" or "social engineering scenarios." JM peered into my computer screen and saw that I was taking the long-cut (typing a search phrase) instead of just simply inputing an article number.

JM: You should just type the article number, Cory.
Cory: I can't make it out (from the projector screen).
JM: You could just ask me.

Bait. Bait naman...Bait! Bait talaga! Hahaha! My tone sounds sarcastic, hehe. It's like that time when the class was divided into two for a game and when the other team would score, the players on the opposing team would commend them albeit sarcastically: Good jab! Good jab! And then they would issue the statement: I'll see you outside. Hehe.

Well, actually, I have to admit, that was actually the nicest thing so far that a wavemate has said to me.


No more entry on my log. :p


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