conceit and humility :)

The following is a vague but accurate account in my estimation. It is vague in the sense that I am not able to reproduce each utterance exactly to the letter and accurate in that it pretty much captures the gist of the conversation that took place. :)

Ivy - sitting on a single sofa
Abbey, Cory, and Clyde - sitting side-by-side on a three-person couch




Abbey was holding my cellphone in her hands and had undertook to play Bounce Tales. I sat to her right, a book in my hands. Clyde sits beside me, before my open laptop, reading an online article.

Abbey says she doesn't like Bounce. I suggest that she might like to play Sudoku instead, but she doesn't.

Cory: Don't you like Sudoku?
Abbey: I do. I'm good at it.
Cory: (commenting on the state of knowing you are good at something) I feel the same way, too. (nodding in agreement) I'm pretty good with words.
Abbey: Sudoku is not in words. It's not a crossword puzzle.
Cory: I know. What I meant was that I know I'm good in English.
(Clyde begins to laugh.)
Clyde: My seatmates...they are so...
Cory: Conceited?
Abbey: I like being conceited once in a while. It's so refreshing. Everyone is like so humble're not.
Ivy: (busy drawing but joining in) My students come up to me and they say, "Miss, I'm so humble." And I'm like "No, you're not." If you say you are humble, you're not humble.
Abbey: Yeah, when I play basketball I am so conceited. I feel like the other team wants to kill me.

Hehe. This is all. Nothing much. We're just talking. ^_^

To qualify some parts of the conversation, what I mean by knowing that I'm good in English is that I know my grammar and my vocabulary and I know that they pass muster. When I confess a lack of confidence towards my writing, it's because writing is more than just possessing the vocabulary and knowing the rules of grammar. Writing involves the mind, the imagination, and the personality of the writer. A writer is different from a grammarian. To be a good writer, one has to know her grammar, but to be good in grammar does not necessarily make of one a good writer. But I have had more or less a solid track record in passing my grammar tests which gives me reason to feel relatively confident in that department.

And oh yeah, Abbey is very intelligent. Someday, she hopes to top the bar. ^_^


  1. Oo nga noh, more than the vocab-grammar combination, parang mas importante pa rin yung imagination.

  2. Haha! I guess if you know and say the truth given the right situation (in this case, knowing you're good in English) is not conceit at all. It's really being humble. ;)

    Happy St. Joseph's day! I miss you guys truly. :D

  3. @Kuya Nikki - Yeah, but thank you for having been the first to encourage me to write. In a way, my posts are informally dedicated to you, a way of saying thanks. ^_^ Have a good day, Kuya Nikki. :)

  4. @Mimi - Thanks, Mims! Hope to visit you soon, btw! And belated Happy St. Joseph's Day! Miss you too, Mims! And thank you for opening my blog and commenting. :D Godbless!

  5. I always open your blog, but rarely comment ;) Haha.

  6. Hahahaha! Same for me, I always open your blog but have rarely commented these days, hehe! And I cheer on your tweets, Mims! I high-five your twitter sometimes, hahahahaha!!!! :D


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