NBI clearance

I thought that I should begin documenting my "firsts," something I haven't done before but maybe something I ought to begin doing now.

Today was the first time I undertook to get myself an NBI clearance. This is a landmark event in my life because it means that I am no longer a student nor a child but someone who is about to become a young professional. Yep, it took me that long but I am finally getting around to grasping the concept of work and becoming a grown-up. Yay!

Now I usually hate research about practical matters and I have this habit of asking others what something is or how something works, instead of just fishing the information myself (awful habit, I know), but for the sake of those who are like me, and would have rather wished to avoid the effort of finding and knowing about things yourself, here's what I can say about the NBI clearance.

1. Apparently, contrary to what the NBI official website declares, you DON'T need two valid ID's. Having just one suffices. Even if it's an old school ID. Or heck, maybe even an expired passport will do.

2. The NBI phone operator will contradict you but in reality, a community tax certificate, otherwise known as a cedula, is sufficient as a form of identification in getting your NBI clearance. However, this is a reality I managed to discover only by hearsay so don't quote me and don't be so quick to believe me either. Hehe.

3. The process is fast. I don't know why I expected it to be slow. I got my clearance in less than 3 hours.

4. The security guard at the Quezon City Hall NBI branch advises that clearance seekers come on Thursdays and Fridays. The queues are shorter at those days.

Well, that's it. NBI clearance, check!


  1. Congratulations! But isn't 3 hours a bit too long already?

  2. and btw, kwentuhan mo ako sa new job mo ha! :D

  3. a milestone, dear! i can't believe wala kang kapangalan na convict, it would have delayed the process for two days. :p

  4. I thought the process was going to take me days eh. Hehe. So three hours of my time is ok na, though it can still be improved. sige, kuya, kwentuhan kita....:)

  5. @lala - i wondered if you would comment on this. hehe. thank you lala....labshu!!!!


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