A dear angel post.

I wonder what I'm going to do with you today. Or tonight, actually. What shall I tell you? I've actually not much to say. Nothing much going on with my life. My life is only so everyday.

How about if I tell you the boring details of my day? You know, Anne Frank lived only in some obscure basement for most of her young and short life but she managed to write out a best-seller diary anyway. She was very personal with it, sort of like how I am with this blog. She even has a name for her diary. We say, or rather, we write, "Dear Diary," but she begins hers with "Dear Kitty". That's right. Her diary's name is Kitty. And taking after her, I've decided to name this blog "Angel". :) Just so you know.

Clyde introduced me to this new website today. I'm sorry, that's incorrect. It's not actually new, just newly found-out. It's almudi.org. It's actually a site that evaluates the moral quality of books and films (ahehe), and we had slight fun passing through some titles on its register or roster of books. We passed some titles there that included Harry Potter, Huckleberry Finn, Elizabeth Gilbert (ok, this is not a title, this is an author), Twilight, and Like Water For Chocolate. To my recollection, the site found "nothing inappropriate" with Harry Potter but warned that Huckleberry Finn contained "some moral difficulties" though still overall "recommendable". Furthermore, Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love was found to contain "an ideological framework contrary or foreign to Christian values" and Twilight did not make the same "nothing inappropriate" category as HP. Like Water For Chocolate is absent from their register. Maybe they're still reading it.

Sophie and I had a late-night conversation about who's pretty and who's beautiful in Hollywood. We began with Natalie Portman. I categorized Natalie as pretty, defining pretty as "pretty in a girl-next-door kind of way." She first opined that Natalie was beautiful and I exclaimed about wondering why people rate her as beautiful. I remember having had an argument with Maricel about that, and with Anj. Natalie is pretty, I say, but Maricel and Anj insist she's beautiful. But then Sophie, after hearing of my definition of pretty, settled to agreeing that yes, Natalie is pretty, not beautiful. We agreed that it was CATHERINE ZETA-JONES who was beautiful. So is Angelina Jolie, though personally, I would agree with Megan Fox that there is something a little frightening about her. Katie Holmes is pretty. So are Britney, Kristin Kreuk, and Vanessa Hudgens. Ashley Judd and Charlize Theron fall somewhere in the middle. They're "mid." But we both AGREE that we would both like to be Taylor Swift (because she's so cool), either in this life or the next, whenever. And with that, we rest our case.

We observed Earth Hour by the way, 8:30-9:30 pm. And I would tell you that I switched multivitamin brands but I think it would be better to leave you without the knowledge of those specifics.

And with that, I guess I'll leave you with a snippet of a conversation I had with Abbey. She was talking about how friendships in college are short-lived, lasting for only a sem, in view of the RGEP system enforced in UP, whereby students get to choose their subjects and this has, of course, the consequence of having different classmates in every class every semester.

Cory: Well, c'mon, Abbey, you can still be friends with them even after the sem is over. You could agree to meet up, or you see each other around campus and you'll say hi, hello, how are you?....

Abbey: Yeah, but it's the stuff that comes after hi, hello, and how are you? that make the stuff of real, deep friendships...

Doesn't she have a point? Friendship does consist in little things...the little pointless stories of our day we tell each other, what we think about things and stuff...

I feel like I'm on the verge of saying something profound, but I'd rather not, so I don't care for ending this post well. I don't want to make some profound commentary on my life right now, I feel too good and too well-exercised on that that I myself am a little bit repelled at times. Haha.

So anyway, good night and I hope you observed earth hour! Wheee!!!


  1. I agree with the last point, that it's the little things that make up friendship. That was very insightful of you.

  2. What?! Only the last point?! What about our list of pretty and beautiful??? Did you not agree??? hehehe. Kamon, second me. Natalie is pretty, Catherine is beautiful. I'm keeping a count of the show of hands eh. Hehe. And what about earth hours? Don't you agree about earth hours? hahaha. Don't mind me, kuya. I've gone bonkers. Peace out! :p By the way, getting back into character, thank you so much for commenting, kuya. Hope you're having a lovely time where you are. :)

  3. Yes. Just the last point.

    Hahaha! Joke lang.

    You're always so animated Cor. I love it!

    Natalie is definitely not girl-next-door. Sorry Cor. I love her! She's damn fine! She's beautiful for me.

    Catherine is beautiful too, but she's different. She's classy and feisty at the same time. I remember her in Zorro. Mmm mmm mmm! Ok, I'm getting too excited here. Hehe!

    We also did Earth hours at home. We turned off all the lights, but we couldn't turn off the router. Hihihi! The internets was just too valuable to lose. :P

  4. Bah, you're a traitor. I can't believe you won't even side with me out of friendship. What makes you think we turned off our internet? (smirk, smirk). Enjoy your day, kuya! :)

  5. Sorry Cor, pero pag usapang babae, walang friends-friends. Hahaha! Joke lang. You enjoy your day too :)


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