You reminded me of a girl that I once knew. Saw her face when I looked at you. :p


  1. That was just a simple scene, right? Odd but I find it strangely breathtaking. I love this scene. I don't know why. I could abuse the replay button. I have to share it. Di ba kayo nagandahan? Hehe. ^_^

  2. I think I'm getting a bit too invested in this drama series. So, why was he going for her hair anyway? Is that how to stop a girl from running? You try to stop her by the hair? Omg. Shouldn't he have tried for her arm instead? But then her hair wouldn't have dramatically come undone...and what of then of that beautiful moment? Hehe. :)

  3. Haha...Found this comment on youtube: "I love her melancholic expression." Someone agrees with me. Yay. :)

  4. ang ganda niya at ng buhok niya.

    siyempre yun ang pinansin, hindi yung drama. hehe.

  5. hehe. thanks kuya nikki. I'm still taken with this moment. <3


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