so while looking for a job, i accidentally found myself in another one. i have recently taken up...modelling! hahaha!

my housemate, pitchie, has decided to start a business selling clothes online. originally, they told mai to model the clothes but at the time of asking mai wanted to sleep so they drafted me to do it instead.

before i could make any real protest, they slipped a dress over my head and hustled me over to the blank, white wall of our living room where they immediately got an iPad and started taking shots. see, it was all very professional, hahaha!

so i put my hand on my waist, and they arranged my hair to fall on my back so as not to obscure the dresses in any way, slipped bracelets on my wrist and directed me to pose front, back and sideways.

they gave directions: relax your shoulders! move to the right! now, left! turn around! another pose!

hahaha! langhiya tong mga to.

and then: ok, that's a wrap! model, pack everything up! langya. well, there went my 15 minutes of glamour! lol. tas ang end result siguro: walang bibili sa mga damit nila dahil sa model. hihihi.

by the way, joke lang to. they wanted someone thin. thanks to my housemates for giving me my first (and only) modelling experience! hahahaha! ito nalang pala ang sideline ko!


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