letters from secret admirers :)


(ed. note: bakya ako mag-translate from Visayan to English. and mali-mali pa. my apologies in advance. ^_^)

early today, i went to the Supreme Court of the Philippines to process some documents for a lawyer family friend. it was pretty uneventful, nothing basically happened, but i did remember a conversation i had with my housemates related to my going:

having just arrived at the apartment, i entered to find my housemates in the sala. tatay* and lotis were seated at a table while mafel was moving around in the kitchen, apparently taking care of some dishes. lotis told me there was mail for me. i guessed it was the Power of Attorney document my brother was sending me for an errand he wanted me to run. i started to open the envelope of the letter.

"sus, ito talaga ang hinihintay ko, cor! hindi pa talaga ako umuwi para marinig ko ang letter," tatay cracked, as if the letter were a love note from a secret admirer.

i rolled my eyes at the good-natured ribbing and said, "nye! this is from my family." and then, on a perverse note, i mock read-aloud for their benefit the imaginary contents of the letter. ironically, i intoned:

"Dear Cory, we are disowning you...."

they laughed at the exaggeratedly dire news i was making up. and then, lotis said, "baka pera yan, cor!"

"aieee!!!" i mock-screamed in delight. "baka nga!!!" i began to tear into the envelope with more exaggerated vigor.

this time, it was tatay who intoned the contents of the letter:

"Dear Cory, we are sending you money...to give to the victims of yolanda."

bastos. hindi pala para sa akin ang pera sa letter na yan. pinaasa pa ako. che!

this reminds me of the time lotis decided to tamper with mai's mail. she came into the house with some letters in hand and said to me and mafel that one of them was for mai. it was probably a campaign letter, she said, from candidates for the 2013 Barangay Elections. she had received one from them, too. and then, she said, "ibibigay ko 'to kay mai, sasabihan ko love letter para sa kanya!"

i thought it was an inspired idea and jumped into it enthusiastically. first, lotis took some glitter glue pens and began to draw on the plain, white, low-quality paper of the envelope. she drew hearts, then she drew flowers. she drew them in three's para daw "I LOVE YOU". hahahaha!

and then we practiced how we were going to rib mai: "mai, may letter ka. kc kanina dumating dito 'yung nag-deliver ng Gasul. may pinapasuyo sa iyo. 'tas mai, pwede ba raw makuha ang number mo?..."


we interchanged which guy to script - the one delivering the Gasul or the one delivering the water. hahahahihihi!

we admired lotis' handiwork on the envelope and then, because it was already late, went up to prepare for sleep. sometime later, i went back down and saw that mai had already arrived and the letter was already opened and she was looking less than thrilled and pleased with it.

i smiled gaily and said, "hala, mai, may letter ka nga pala! nabasa mo na? ano yan, mai? anong meron?"

"wala," mai replied sourly, "galing sa mga nangungumpanya lang."

"ah...grabe, mai, akala ko talaga love letter!" i exclaimed merrily. i peered at the paper and pointed to a picture of a hunky-looking candidate. "baka sa kanya galing ang letter, mai!"

"'kala talaga namin love letter, mai," i said again while sitting down beside her. "kc tingnan mo, nag-effort pa talaga sila oh. may hearts and flowers pa 'yung envelope..."

mai looked at lotis' drawing of hearts and flowers and then expressed what she thought of it: "PANGIT."

i laughed heartily. mafel, who was spectating everything, burst out laughing, too, at the sound denouncement of lotis' drawings.

well, there was nothing more to it than that but i guess people in this house ought to be more wary and suspicious when they're told they have love letters from "secret admirers" and stuff like that. 'cause those are probably from secret pranksters.




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