lee min ho - man loved by the camera

Ok, I admit it. I’m guilty of looking at Lee Min Ho too much. But am I the only one who gets a little short of speechless looking at him in this vid?

Favorite parts:

1. O.16 - On the left side of the video, there is a girl there who must be one of those who work for Lee Min Ho as part of his entourage or something. I’ve seen her in other behind-the-scenes pics of Lee Min Ho. I like what she’s wearing here. Plain white T-shirt blouse with a simple, flowy skirt – surprisingly, it works. I want to try it for a casual day out or something. :)

2. 0.33 Obviously, Lee Min Ho has beautiful eyes. I read this bio of Lee Min Ho where his mom said that as a baby, Lee Min Ho had big eyes and he would blink them rapidly and it was very cute. Those eyes of his look like they could talk anyone into…something. Like buying Innisfree, perhaps! Hihi! :)

3. 0.48 I guess the production people involved here are going to lighten Lee Min Ho’s skin tone for the final version of the advert. I’m more fascinated with him in his darker skin tone, however.

4. I like the entire behind-the-scenes vid. I’ve always liked looking at how people make things. The final product of adverts always look so beautiful, perfect and glossy. I keep wondering about how such things are created, how people do it, the things that go into it.

5. So this is Lee Min Ho’s work, huh? I wish I could talk to Lala right now. I’d ask her, so, do you think Lee Min Ho’s work is hard? (She’ll probably laugh at me.) So, what is it about it? I mean, er - I don’t know what I’m asking. I guess my question is, what makes it work? Is it something related to what Richard Brody said about Lindsay Lohan? I read this New Yorker article by him, and he said something interesting about Lindsay that I’m still trying to figure out. I understood what he said but I couldn’t quite get how he saw it in her. Here’s the excerpt:

“The power to seem active while doing nothing is the crucial trait of classic-era movie stars; it’s the defining aspect of what it means to be loved by the camera. What’s called charisma is nothing but the sense of a complex inner life that comes through in the time-sliver of a photograph and that, in the extended stillness of the movie image, rises with a silent wild music of conflicting dreams and desires. It’s the part of acting that can’t be learned and can’t be trained, and Lohan—perhaps more than any actor of her generation—has it. “

So is that also what it is about Lee Min Ho? What makes what he does work? So, I guess that’s what we can call Lee Min Ho? He’s that man who is loved by the camera? :)


6. 0.23 Someone tucks in his shirt for him?! And - he's so tall!

7. Love the background music and Lee Min Ho's voice. :)

8. A comment on youtube on this video: OH MY GOODNESS!!! he's so freaking GORGEOUS & so so CUTE & HOT, dammit, how does he do it??? ^_^ xox



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