taylor's "out of the woods"

sometimes, there are just some things you can't break free from. and it drives you crazy in your head and in your heart. and there's no solution for it. if there's really nothing you can do about it, try a song.

mine right now is taylor swift's "out of the woods". "out of the woods" was a song taylor swift wrote about the anxiety she felt while she was in this relationship that she didn't know was going to work out or not. and i remember liking what she said about it, how even in those kinds of things, it's still beautiful and worth it because it had, somehow, the things that you were looking for - you know, the things that people look for in love. i kind of feel envious that she was able to encapsulate her feelings in a song that would go around the world and remind her, the other person, and the world just how beautiful it all was and is.

for me, maybe listening to "out of the woods" is a way of looking at an old polaroid of a beautiful moment i was in and having these worldless questions and recriminations ringing in my head. the wordless things are probably there because i don't want to verbalize it or anything, heehee. the line that's resounding for me at the moment is the part where taylor sort of cries out, "i remember!", then proceeds to describe what it is she's remembering. 'cause that's what i'm doing right now - remembering.

the second part may be "hit the brakes too soon". yeah, i think the brakes were hit too soon on that one. pity.

remember when you hit the brakes too soon?
twenty stitches in the hospital room.
when you started crying, i did, too.
when the sun came up, i was looking at you.
remember when we couldn't take the heat?
i walked out and said, "i'm settin' you free."
but the monsters turned out to be just trees.
and when the sun came up, you were looking at me.

taylor said she meant this part to also be a metaphor. right now, i get her. what about you? do you?


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