a gathering at our gates


my first brush handling rallyists/protesters. dealt with them while wearing a flower-print skirt, pastel pink top, and white cardigan to boot! (sabi ko pa while going out to meet them under the heat of the sun - can i bring an umbrella? omg, heaven help me. ^_^)

our chief information officer agreed to have a meeting with three of their representatives, which took place, and i contacted staff to help provide technical support to our CIO.

watching our CIO work, i wondered whether i would ever acquire that type of political finesse/skill that one has to have to deal with these kinds of things. i think it must be a mark of a good public leader. a requisite, perhaps.

at the moment, i rather doubt if i'll ever have something like it or even attempt to cultivate it in my personality. at the back of my mind, i think i had always flagged it as one reason why i shouldn't be persuaded to be in electoral politics. if i didn't have that factor, i knew it couldn't work.

i find it mysterious, actually. something that's maybe like being in two different places at the same time or a kind of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde thing. how, on the one hand, you're a thoroughly proficient technocrat, and, on the other, you're relatable and approachable to the most general of the general public.

the rallyists had their concerns addressed and their questions answered. the meeting over, they requested a photo op. all smiles, they had their pictures taken with our CIO. this after being so combative moments ago.

glad to be of service, sirs and madams! :)


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