business as usual

surprisingly, i received a text from him today. it registered on my phone - 11:02 AM, 8/20/2015. he said:

Hi. How's it going?

me: hi! things are great. i'm having fun. how are you?

he: good din. glad to hear you're enjoying your work. sana matuloy kayo in the future.

at first, i didn't understand what he meant. then i surmised that he was probably referring to that time when i had asked him regarding the possible use of their family resort for our event. the plan had been aborted; we had the event, a strategic planning session, held within office premises instead.

me: u mean the strat planning session? medyo we got burned na kc sa mga ganun eh. i wanted to have some of our events sa [name of resort] but the procurement process is so tedious. but i'll be recommending the resort naman every opportunity i'll get. :)

then i decided to take the opportunity to give him more explanation regarding the internal happenings that had affected the planning process. i thought it was the right time; i had not had the chance to give him a proper explanation before.

me: the strat planning we had was actually disappointing. we had it in the office and my boss kept getting called out to attend to other matters. that had been why we didn't want to have it here in our office.

your offer would have been perfect, actually. we didn't have time to vet venues; i knew it would have been okay kasi kayo naman yun eh.

he: yes, usually that's the problem with holding it at the office, a lot of distractions. we are familiar naman with government procedures so the tedious process is no problem for us.

i wondered what exactly his concern was for texting me - business opportunities?

me: ganito nalang, i'll recommend to PNoy to have the [enter law of the land] signing at your resort nalang instead of malacanang. okay ba yun? red carpet event po yan tas i think may confetti pa. pwede ba yun? ^_^

he: haha. that would be perfect. malacanang is so old. i'll have the carpet prepared. confetti not sure but we can use flower petals instead.

me: basta, i promise i'll refer the resort to the other units here, other agencies and orgs.

he: thanks. sige, if ever give my contact info directly so that i can personally address their inquiries.

so that was it. he texted. and i can't believe i'm talking to him again.


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