found myself with some unexpected free time on my hands yesterday and immediately decided that the best way to spend it was to meet up with lala.

so i texted her:

lala, hello. are you free? would you like to meet up for a spontaneous early dinner or something?

she replied:

hey cor, can't do spontaneous today since i'm working from home and can't leave late afternoon na. what about spontaneous tom? hehehe.

sadly, a planned spontaneous activity the next day wasn't a go for me:

nyek, i can't do a spontaneous tomorrow, hehe. i had an upset stomach last night and couldn't sleep so i wasn't able to report for work today. i'm okay now but it's too late for me to go to work. let's plan more spontaneous things soon!!!

she agreed:

let's let's! get well (more? hehehe) dearling.

i don't know why, but that text exchange was riddled with oxymorons. :)

speaking of spontaneity, i arrived at work today only to usher myself straight off to sit in a technical meeting. i realized again how much catch-up work i still have to do. after the technical meeting, without so much as skipping a beat, we followed it up with an internal meeting with our boss.

briefly, we touched base on internal matters. she gave corrections on matters arising and i wondered once again, bakit ang galing ng boss ko? how in the world does she do it?!

and then, dismissing us, she said wryly, "o sige na, before i think of something new." (read: she means before she thinks of some more work to give us ;)

laughing inwardly, we adjourned. my boss had more meetings to attend and me and my colleagues resumed the follow-up work we had to do.



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