about love

i think i write a lot about love in this blog but is this the first time i'm explicitly writing about romantic love? :)

on and off, i'm following the voice kids season 2, sometimes even while i'm in the office during weekend nights when i need to work, and i find some of the song performances simply magical. i am sometimes left marveling at these kids and the magic they can bring to the stage. how do they do that? i am mind-blown.

this rendition of your love by alamid is my favorite from what i've seen so far. the other one that is just as memorable for me is gian's take on ed sheeran's thinking out loud.

this performance of your love is on replay for me right now. these kids, under the terrific guidance of coach bamboo, were able to bring out in a different kind of glory the magic and the meaning of the song. it was like the love being talked about was a truly wondrous thing.

your love is like the sun
that lights up my whole world;
i feel the warmth inside.

your love is like a river
that flows down through my veins;
i feel the chill inside.

thinking about it, those words can actually be like a goal in love. that you could love in such a way that the person you love could say those things of you. #lovegoals

p.s. isn't it fun watching coach bamboo get so involved with his the voice kids? hihi.


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