today, i have two important papers waiting for me to write them - one is on a policy to get more allocations to the regions, the other is on a labor market study on region 6. right now, i'm hating writing both papers, for different reasons.

i spent the whole night looking for something to help me write the paper - inspiration, helpful words from a friend, but i got nothing to get me going. the best thing that i found was this, written by seth godin on his blog. it's about temperament and mastering it.

right now, it's probably what i need to hear. thank you for writing it, mr. godin. :)

Temperament is a skill

Throwing tantrums, calling names, not doing the reading, making things up, demonizing the other, impulsivity, egomaniacal narcissism, breaking big promises...

Waiting your turn, asking hard questions, thinking about others, slowing down in key moments...

Telling the truth, taking responsibility...

Giving others a chance to share their ideas, attracting and trusting talented people, trusting the right things and being skeptical of the others...

These are all skills (or the lack thereof).

Somewhere along the way, we accepted the baked-in, unchanging, what-you-see-is-what-you-get view of the world. It lets us off the hook, of course, because if this is the way we are, it's certainly not our fault.

The bravest and most optimistic thing we can do, though, is see that each of us has the opportunity to do precisely the opposite. We have far more choices, far more control and far more responsibility than we give ourselves (and others) credit for.

Temperament matters. A lot.


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