valentines 2011

I had almost forgotten that it was valentines that day. I tried to recall how I spent last year's valentines but for a moment, my mind was blank until it came to me that I had spent it at the Hot Air Balloon Festival held in Subic that year. I was with Clyde, Cherry, Maricel, Cress, et al. that day.

I got off the tricycle at our gate to find my brother's car waiting for its passengers. We were going to head off to this swimming pool resort called Bethany - me, my sister, Ate Irene, Ate Ruth, Ruro, Renz and Manoy Rudyard. What was the occasion, I wondered. Oh, it was valentines. I had forgotten.

I hurriedly got into the house, debated whether to take my laptop or the portable DVD player, then decided on the latter, not wanting to risk my precious laptop getting wet in the event that it might. And off we were and it was such a novel experience for me, maybe even a valentines to remember, because it was the first valentines that I ever celebrated with any of my family members.

I suppose you'll realize that nothing eventful was going to happen with my valentines spent that way. The most eventful thing that transpired was probably the part where we tried to take a picture of Renz's tiny toddler derriere in his tiny bathing suit, and he was protesting, already conscious of semi-nudity at the age of 5. But he smiled for the camera, when it was not jokingly directed to his buttocks, not minding a frontal view.

Ayun - my brother ordered food and he covered the bill for it too. Oh and Ate Irene had brought Black Forest cake, so we had cake. There was fried chicken, sizzling sisig with egg, crispy pata, and another viand the name of which I've forgotten.

There was some conversation...about previous yayas of the children, about a friend of Ate Ruth who had run some sky-high debts, about going abroad...Ate asked me to pass the crispy pata to her and while I passed the dish she was pointing to, I absentmindedly asked, "what's crispy pata?" to which she answered "this is crispy pata." It was a dish of pork or am I mistaken? And I thought, "Funny. She usually takes me to task for asking questions the answers to which were self-evident." But I suppose it was peace time.

I don't know what else to say. Um...a kid (not ours) threw up into the pool. Hehe.

The city lights went out for about a minute though, so for a moment there, the place was bathed entirely in moonlight and I thought it was perfect. I would have loved a setting like that, under a blue moonlight, where I would dance in a blue dress to a song. I think it would be lovely.

We circled the city for a little while and the lights had come back on. I was glad, because I was dreadfully excited for my own internet activities and would have found myself in a state of such grief if I missed out on them for one night. Kidding.

So I was home...I was with my nephews...and February 14 passed into February 15. But I was glad I spent my valentines that way. I'm glad enough that I've spent my valentines with people I like and love, yes, even with those I don't overtly manifest those positive...things for.

Well, that's it. I like this valentines. Belated happy valentines folks. :)


  1. I had to look up some of the words. Ang lalim talaga ng vocabulary mo. Halatang-halatang reader ka. Check yan!

    I liked how you spent your valentines. Simple lang. It doesn't have to be extravagant and it doesn't have to be with someone you are romantically attached. I liked how you spent your valentines with the ones you love.

  2. Cor, I like this piece, for real :-)

  3. And I think i know the song to which you're dancing in that (imaginary) blue dress. It probably goes...

    "dancing in the moonlight
    everybodys feeling warm and bright
    its such a fine and natural sight
    everybodys dancing in the moonlight..."

    i'm right, am i not?

  4. @Kuya Nikki - Thank you, kuya! Thank you for your comment, and thank you for even taking the time to look up some of the words...I always appreciate your presence here...:) And I'm not just being nice...:)

  5. I rolled my eyes at your comment clyde. It feels to me that it's typical that you would like any family-oriented fare...unless you point out to me reasons other than that for liking this article, hehe...Anyway, naulaw man ko nga gabasa ka clyde oi....Ulaw lagi...weird...anyway, the above could be one of the songs i'm thinking of, though i was also thinking of "hey stephen" and "untouchable." :) sayaw ta, clyde????!!!!!!

  6. Hahahh, you're really fishing! But I'll tell you why I like the article. It's because of the understatement :)


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