Get well soon?

This is the part that hurts.

I heard from a friend recently. And she revealed that after a long time, quite post-facto, Don had unexpectedly opened up to her his own version of how events with me had taken place. I paused. He did? Yes..can you believe it, she said. After all this time…

Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t want to hear then, and I still don’t want to hear now most parts of what I imagine he would have said about me. I would actually dread to hear it, and I’m pretty sure he’s probably justified in what he had to say.

My friend asked me if I had spoken already with him. No, I replied. Why, was some kind of conversation supposed to have already taken place? She told me that she had told him to talk to me. And she said that she thinks, based on my account, that he should have apologized and that he’s taking too long a time to go about doing it. She mentioned that he had told her that he was giving me “space and time to recover”.

That part gave me a start and got me laughing a little. Space? And time to recover? I admit to being a little perplexed. What I mean to say is – recover? Recover from what exactly? From having fallen in love with him? Forgive me for not being in the know, but do people, um, ‘recover’ from falling in love with someone?

I’m scratching my head.

That makes it sound like falling in love is like a malady a person needed to be cured from. Like a disease? Hmmm…if so, then – oh love, oh love, where art thy cure? Okay…now, that’s a thought. If a disease, would it then be of the viral or bacterial kind? Viral, I would think. Sounds more apt.

Oh Don. For a person given to the habit of rationalizing everything, you certainly don’t seem to ever think things with me through.

Space. Yes, space. I understand that. Actually, I’m surprised you even recall that superfluous bit. But I remember that that was what we talked about, and just about the only thing we got ourselves to agree upon, during a conversation I took to in good faith.

Yes, I remember that part.

Cory: Would you understand then if I keep my space?

Don: Yes, I think so.

I'm surprised you remembered that...

Haay…space. Oh-kay…

Oh Cor, before you leave, I have to say this – get well soon! (haha) :p


  1. I think he meant you ought to recover from the pain he caused you, not from falling in love.

    Naiintriga ako sa dynamics ng relationship... ok, relationship might be a strong word... ummm... sa dynamics ng friendship niyo ni Don. How close were you two?

    From your previous posts, Don seems like a great guy -- law student so matalino and accomplished. More than that, how does he treat you?

    Is he a gentleman to you? Sweet ba siya? Naging kayo ba?

    More posts please!

  2. You're right...why hadn't I thought of that? :) Thank you, Kuya Nikki, the thought hadn't occurred to me. Really...

    Truthfully, we weren't that close...

    and regarding your next few questions, I can't answer. with regard to your last question, the answer is no.

    to quote a familiar promotional line for a film, 'this is not a love story.' hehe...

    in fact, it may be a non-story of sorts.... ingat ikaw, kuya, have a blessed day!

  3. I so believe 'falling in love' is a malady. hahah. And I want a cure, from my imagination that is.

    (Finally found time to browse over some of your entries! Can't help but admit I was entertained ,heheh)

  4. Hi! I extend my season's greetings to you. :) thank you for commenting. you might also like to try my friend's blog - nikkiltimate[period]blogspot[period]com. i find him very entertaining also, and he blogs more often than i do. :) you might find something to like there. Godbless!


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