adik sa:

please be careful with my heart


Luv U,

kaya tuloy nagkakasakit. dah, gabaan, hahahaha! ^_^ i hope to spend this weekend resting. :)


  1. not adik enough apparently since walang "please" ang "be careful with my heart"! wahahaha! o courteous ka lang.:p

    saka you wont be resting! we offer you two choices of bang-bang movies to treat you with: hansel and gretel o kaya last stand (ni old arnie). watchasay???:D

  2. i was actually really referring to jose mari chan's song, pls be careful with my heart!!! hahahahah! (lulusot din :p)

    i'd prefer zero dark thirty the most, though i had already watched it. pero hansel and gretel nalang siguro kc wala na ang zero dark thirty eh. :( i don't approve of arnold starring in a movie even after he has already finished serving as governor of california. it's the principle of the matter. hihihihi! (nagsalita ng tungkol sa prinsipyo, weehee!) ^_^

  3. Hey Cor. :) I just dropped by to wish you a very happy birthday. HHAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I said that out loud while typing hahaha)

  4. hi kuya! sorry for the late reply. i was sick eh. under the weather, kaya can't do anything much muna. i was a little shocked to see your comment. :)

    are you sure ganyan yung pagkasabi mo? hhaaaaaa--- long and drawn-out aaa? tina-try ko kc, medyo weird lang at parang mahangin masyado...but your greeting made my day so di muna ako magco-complain or criticize, hihihi. next time na lang (ako maging evil). hihihihi.

    hope you're always doing well, kuya...and thank you so much. you're always awesome. ^_^


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