an auspicious beginning

it's a shame that people text you and their messages just stay on your phone or they get relegated to the trash bin in time. i've always felt that text messages are a story, a conversation, and details of history or something like that. that's why i'm posting this:

clyde: hi cor, nakahinumdum ko nimu, aren't you flattered? hehe. happy new year cor!

my response: hoy clyde, i'm not flattered noh! hihihihihi. but thank you and update me on your life.

and here's to the auspicious beginnings of 2013 - i tried to cook mongo last night but i burned it. as in wala na siyang tubig/sabaw! and the softened beans at the bottom of the pan were turned brown and a little scorched. di pa naman talaga black but getting there! hahahahaha!

and then i woke up late and ended up hurrying my way to work. but i clocked in just two minutes before the time so yay! an auspicious 2013! hihihi! :D


  1. Hoy Cor, why am I here??!!! anyway, let's watch Pitch Perfect? nice daw. muanha ko sa inyo some time then manan-aw ta? by the way, I am beginning a blog! and I'm launching it on feb.14! hehe. as of now, it is just there on the internet and no one besides me knows of its existence.

  2. clyde, update me on your life. sige, let's watch! how man? and, and, you HAVE to watch ZERO DARK THIRTY! it is AH-MAAAZING!!!!!!! :) :) :) :)


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