brideshead revisited

i first heard of evelyn waugh through mimi, who used to rave about him the time that the both of us were still in bellecroft and chatting in the night or whenever.

there was a book of his that mimi was reading that time - Brideshead Revisited. and now i am itching to read that book. it's the book of interest to me at the moment because of this bit of praise from a writer in the new yorker:

Waugh's something better than immaculate: powerful and stately, sensitive and touching.

i want to read something described like that! so excited! i'll be hunting the book down in bookstores from right now!

i'm also gonna read "A Handful of Dust" by Waugh as well. because i'm curious to connect with the comments made by the article on the book. i'm piqued. :)

and i shared with mimi my piece of amusement with evelyn waugh:

mims! dahil dito lang kita you remember evelyn waugh? i just learned he was quite a snob and a bit mean. hihi. his biographer wrote of a time when there was this woman who complimented him on Brideshead Revisited. waugh replied: i thought it was good myself, but now that i know that a vulgar, common American woman like yourself admires it, i am not so sure. hahahaha! lol. ;) wala lang. miss you mims! god bless sa work!


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