friday, january 18, 2013

i had a surprisingly nice weekend. friday was bad, of course. that's nothing surprising. i usually feel very bad mondays to fridays, because i hate my work. so let me see, what happened? well, friday, after leaving work, i got myself a jolly hotdog and then stopped by a starbucks store for a mocha frapp on the way home.

afterwards,...ohmygad. i don't recall what happened next. all i remember is the mocha frapp, that i let cool on the table and had come back to to finish drinking it an hour later or so.

i know! maimai must have been awake as well that time and in front of her laptop. and yes, i remember now. maimai has been a fixture on the living room table this week. i always arrive home to find her in the sala sitting in front of her laptop, doing something, schoolwork or work ('cause she works part-time).

friday must have been one of those nights when we stayed up while the wee hours of the night ticked by. and i must have sat in one of our chairs and sighed about my work and how i need to be looking for a new job, but i can't because...because i ruined my life and now there's no bridge in sight to get to where i need to go.

oh, no no! that wasn't it; i remember now! maimai was still in her UMA uniform and asleep on the couch! surprisingly, no one else seemed to be around or awake and as it was a friday, i assumed the people were out. mafel was in fact in, which i discovered for myself when i opened the door to our room. but i didn't know where everybody else was.

i was in one of my "modes" again, where i'm mentally pacing back and forth, trying to figure out what's next, what to do, how to do it and then stopping in my head to stare at the horizon of the place i tell myself i need to get to. i'm known here in the house for staying up late. they think i love it. i'd actually much rather sleep early and well. but ever since last year, i've been staying up late and on purpose. i deliberately keep myself awake trying to come up with something about my life. it's like what this one writer said - it's sand on my bed that won't let me sleep.

so i was "thinking" that friday and - now i remember - i was in my bed. at some point, i remembered my frapp and so i went down to finish it and to eat my jolly hotdog as well - the dinner of the night. i was sitting in the semi-dark and it was nearly four in the morning when pitchie, lotis' sister, came down. she was going to fix herself a small meal before her fasting for a physical examination she was going to take.

i remember now - she toasted wheat bread and topped it with tuna. she offered me some but i declined. at some point, maimai, asleep on the couch, stirred awake and looked at us both who were behind the sofa chair she had been sleeping in. maimai went upstairs and used the bathroom. her cellphone was on the table, and i took it, and slipped in some 67 songs from my phone, which i sent through bluetooth. now maimai will be listening to the complete songlist of Taylor Swift. hihihihi. i'm kidding. yes, maimai will certainly be listening to taylor, and to a whole bunch of kids on the block as well like coldplay, keane, owl city, shawn colvin, jana kramer, etc.

i was singing softly to some songs as i went through my songlist and sent them. one song i was singing to was glee's version of Faithfully. i was going - ohohohoh!! - but when i hit the high note, pitchie burst out giggling. i laughed as well - naningkamot! hahahaha! we're always ribbing each other about our singing. you know those times when you find yourself unmindful that you're singing? well, maimai was having one of those times one time, and we burst out clapping at her singing. she was immediately embarrassed at our ribbing, but we said, "wow, mai, amazing!!! more, more!!! more practice!!! " hahahahaha!

maimai came back down after some time. she laid out a sleeping mat on the floor to sleep there. she must have needed to wake up early because she sleeps in the sala when she does. she wanted to fall asleep to some music so she played adele. she asked me if i knew the last name of adele. after a pause, i said: "p_ctolin".

"hala, mahiya naman si adele!" maimai exclaimed. "eh ano namang ikahihiya sa last name na 'yun noh!" i retorted with mock indignation. "kaya nga! mahiya naman si adele sa ganda ng last name niya noh!" hahahaha!

i ended the night by taking a bath before i went to sleep. it was already the early hours of saturday when i shut my eyes. it was the late hours of saturday morning when i opened them. :)


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