one less problem w/o you

i realize that it has just simply been a long time since i've written anything inspired here. at the moment, i got nothing inspiring at hand but i do remember that a week ago, i wrote down in a notebook a line that i got from a kurt schneider mash-up song.

apparently, kurt schneider & co. are still awesome and Summer Pop Medley 2014 is one of their works for this year.

i noticed a particular line in the song that i liked when i heard it:

"i got one less problem without you, but you're all i need."

makes me smile.

so here's their video. i hope you like it!


  1. i love the line, cor!!! and i miss thee. catching up on your posts, it struck me for the nth time that you really really should write more. i am rightly envious of your way with words. (huuuug)

  2. hi laloy....i lab your compliment! hihi! :D tired right now... =( there's something abt work that's so draining noh? but i've been thinking of going back to doing some writing here...on this wall....weeee.....mish you din laloy...i hope to catch up with you the meantime, take care...labs u! * hugssss *


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