our time

the whole week of christmas week, i'd been trying to schedule meeting time with lala. on the 22nd, we talked about meeting that day, then changed our minds and talked about cramming something on the 23rd. in the same conversation, we changed our minds again, and settled for meeting on the 24th, during the early parts of the day.

on the night of the 23rd, sometime 11 pm, i became unsure about the wisdom of getting together during christmas eve. i guessed we'd probably be busy, what with last-minute shopping, cooking, getting together with family, relatives, and other friends, and doing other miscellaneous things.

at about the same time, lala texted me to confirm details of our plan: dearling, what time you free for a meetup/visit tom?

i replied: 12 noon nalang, lalie. let's have lunch and then starb after?

wavering about the plan, i decided to consult allison, the third party in our meetup. i texted him: allison, halu. gising ka pa? i knew there was something ironic about asking a presumably sleeping person whether he was still awake but i decided to overlook it. allison, however, didn't.

he answered: hello, cor, nope, i'm sleeptexting right now.. haha.. bakit?

after sticking my tongue out at him in an emoticon, i asked: 'lam mo na ba na magme-meet tayo bukas? iniisip ko, would it be better kung sa 26? longer ang time (available for being together), mas unstressful, less people around? cha think?

he said anything lala sets would be fine with him. after a little bit more thinking, i settled on a decision: lala, allison, can we postpone our christmas get-together to the 26th? i think lunch (tom) is too early eh...right, right?

lala heartily agreed.

so on the 25th, lala and i texted each other again to talk about our appointment. she said: what time we meeting tom (in the morning), dearling?

alarmed and aghast at the prospect of me doing an early bird kind of thing, i replied: morning? as in am? not pm?

lala was sure to have sensed my reaction. she said: i meant in the daylight. pm is good! hehe.

we hashed out the time details.

cory: 1 pm?

lala: could we do 2 pm?

cory: okie! 2pm it is!

the 26th came and at 12 noon, i was still lying in bed, rolling around, relaxing and thinking of nothing when lala texted: dearling, could do 3-ish na lang pala? late kasi ako nagising today. : /

i was only too happy to comply: no prob!

the clock ticked 3 pm and then ticked past and i was still not fully ready to go out the door. i was kind of taking my time. i mean, it's the holidays after all, right?

at 3:20, lala wanted me to know: we're on our way na cor ha. san ka na?

i was happy that none of us was going to have to make the other wait: on my way na rin, too. we're on the same page! hihi.

excited to be meeting for lallico time, i ran down the stairs from out of the apartment where i live, caught a taxi, and arrived in our designated place, greenbelt, in no time. in a few minutes, we three were able to meet up in the powerbooks store in the greenbelt mall.

thinking about it, our entire scheduling process was kind of a little funny. it wasn't punctuality per se, in its strictest and most businesslike sense, but we three were on time our time for our time!

i feel the need to post a disclaimer though: we're on time when necessary and even when unnecessary. that time, we were just following our time. i liked it. :)


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