one late night

about Don again.

i texted him one night. it was late and i was in starbucks trying to wind down from the flurry of high-pressure activities i have at work. i was simultaneously wondering how i was going to work out my schedule while wishing there was someone to talk to. so i texted him.

the dialogue is nothing special but because the guy is, it's special enough to write down here.

cory: hi, good evening. i'm just texting because i wanted to distract myself. you don't have to reply if you're busy. yesterday, i learned that when i'm stressed out, i tend to look for conversation. you're a candidate, haha. :)

don: i'm not busy but i'm in bed almost ready to go to sleep. i'll reply until i fall asleep so shoot... :)

cory: may kwento ka? did you do interesting things today? have something big happening tomorrow? :)

don: interesting? uh, not really, was in the office thinking about filing a case for tro/injunction against the bureau.

don: tomorrow i'll draft a protest vs collector

don: interesting? meh.

cory: really?? mame-media ka ba if you do?

cory: i wonder how that will be. go don!!!

don: i doubt it but i'll be a hero among importers if i win. but do i want to antagonize? probably not a good idea

don: i think my client will simply squirm and just take the punches..

cory: haha! well, if you need insider support, you know who to boss!! joke lang! :p

don: haha. would it help if i drop your name?

cory: yes, yes, of course! tell him i'll drop my project if he doesn't help you. and then whatever happens, we can use it as material in my how to get yourself fired book. with special acknowledgement to you! :p

don: don't you know who i know?

don: :) glad to be a part of that book.

cory: basta, you know the spiel: you know a girl on his staff who can make his life more difficult if he doesn't cooperate with you. ok? after that, my career will be so over...but live on the edge pa more!!! :p

then he wasn't replying anymore so i took it to mean that he had already fallen asleep. i said good night and hoped he dreams well that night. and one might think there was absolutely nothing in that conversation but i think that one might be looking at the conversation for clues in the wrong places. sometimes, the clues to things don't lie in the conversation per se; they lie in the things or the "currents" that lie within. he was on his way to sleep but he accommodated my interception still. i'm aware that the start of the conversation says something even as the end of it says something else, too. to be honest, it happens a lot of the time, and to be honest, it's bewildering most of the time. i can't help but like him achingly, but i can't help but hurt achingly, too.


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