i just wanted to talk. is it okay if it's just rambling, not written well?

i've been having difficulty, emotionally, in carrying out my work. the intellectual part of it is not what i find difficult. it's the part where i'm working on it in an environment that is not filled with people other than myself - meaning to say, that i am doing overtime work on saturdays and sundays and there aren't a lot of people around so i somehow feel so lonesome.

it would actually help if i were to do my work in a coffee shop but i don't have the means for that right now. i don't have a laptop and a car for transporting with me office documents that i need, which can be voluminous.

so it looks like there is nothing to do for it but to endure. and i will have to remind myself, cor, it's worth it to endure. it's worth it.


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