I want to tell a story.

Last night, I fell in love with the same person again. :)

Here's the story. Last year, sometime September or so, Miley's Party in the USA came out. And I searched youtube to listen to co-jammers and jam along with them. And that's when I stumbled on the BEST cover version of the song EVER. It appeared to be a simple video. They were just two guys rocking it out by themselves in your typical studio-type pad - just two average, ordinary guys of my age or somewhere around my age. Nothing special there. Except that they made pretty decent music. And with a little curiosity and just a bit of guessing, I found hints that these guys were particularly talented musicians. I scouted them a bit more, and I hit jackpot! It was love!

Where it all started -

I gotta stand and clap. That was great! Thank you for sharing! :)

So, like I said, I clicked a bit more and I found the guy Kurt with this piano medley of Miley songs where he gave the songs a kind of different story from the radio-churned Miley-sang ones and my jaw dropped even lower than I thought it would for them. I was speechless. I almost cried with his rendition. And that was when I confessed my feelings. "I Love You," I gushed in a comment.

But I said more actually. However, with the multitude of comments the video has generated, I couldn't locate mine any longer, so I offer here some instead that I can relate to:

1) Watching you play the piano was absolutely one of the most captivating things...

2) Wow! I think I just fell in love with you...

and last but not the least,

3) Can I marry you?

Hehehehe...If you want, you can check what I'm talking about in youtube. :)

Then I forgot to follow them for a while and with that, my resolution to wed the Kurt guy BUT(!) I re-discovered them last night! And when I opened their latest Miley medley, I was blown. The girl who sang was nothing short of fantastic. Hollywood has no right to bypass her. Hehe. And Kurt was amazing for his arrangement and writing of the music and for his production and direction of the video. It had his trademark fingerprint and style all over it. He's like a rising underground Hollywood god - I mean, star (hehe)...though I bet not for long. He's making heads swivel in youtube. :)

But let's jam to another mashup of his...I love it! (I'm dancing in my room!)

Note - the one I want to marry is not the one singing. Hehe. :)

And permit me a shoutout to Kuya Nikki:
Kuya, how's this for a medley?! Hehehe. This was what I had in mind! Joke lang..Ahihihi. Posted this for you (in case you wanted to check it)...cause the girl is kind of pretty. :)

Let's jam, people! A salute and applause to talented guy Kurt! Whooooo!!!!!!!! Wheeeeeeeee!!!!! :D


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