saying i love you

Cory's YM status message: 'so I start a fight 'coz I need to feel something; and you do what you want 'coz I'm not what you wanted...' (Taylor Swift lyrics)

Lala: so whats up with fighting words/angsty lyrics?
Lala: i was so hungry kanina sa choir practice na i had to feign an excuse to go out and eat my pizza sa lobby while hiding

Cory: what, you have time to chat????

Lala: actually im just trying to make up for my recent snubs

Cory:'re still busy...when are you and allison celebrating his birthday???

Lala: pero i actually have to go na rin

Cory: i know....
Cory: love you, lala...see you soon!!
Cory: me too, alis na rin ako....

Lala: love you too dear!

Cory: i'm just joking about loving you (evil emoticon)
Cory: ahehehehe

Lala: and since same wavelength tayo, you have to know that i was as well
Lala: what, you took me seriously?? (evil emoticon)


Lala: anyway
Lala: bye coooooooooooooooooooor!!!
Lala: see you soonest, like next week, pwamis!!!!!!!

Lala has signed out. (12/17/2010 5:23 PM)


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