rambling kc jet lag ako. :)

Hey. I'm sorry but for today, can i not write as well as i usually try? may i just ramble? as i write, my nephew is also using his laptop beside me and he just by himself, took himself to the youtube site.

he set aside the game on his mother's iPad, it was spiderman. and when he set it aside,he came over to me to sit in front of his own laptop placed beside mine.

sorry bangag pa ako ha. kunwari jet lag.

so he stopped the iPad, and went to his laptop. and i said, "oh, tapos ka na dun? laptop na naman?"

he went to the internet page and to my surprise, after a few inputs on the keyboard, he got himself to youtube. "Magyou-youtube ka?!" i asked.

"nood ako power rangers," he explained. piskot ning bata-a.

tell me, have you ever seen a five-year-old answer his own phone, a call from his mother? it was so cute. and surprising. my nephew frequently takes me aback. he was reasoning to his mom why he shouldn't take an afternoon nap and why sleeping early would be better. "gabi na e," he explained.

now my mouth is hanging open. he just got out of watching power rangers and got himself to watching spiderman. ALL BY HIMSELF!!! and he even clicked the video into full screen...what the heck???? and he does it like it's so NORMAL.

my nephew ended the call with his mother. when the call was over, he looked at the phone, and then clicked on the keypad as if to really end it. it was so grown-up. like ten year old grown up. he's going to out- grow up me. omigosh.

and regarding the nap, his yaya asked him if he was really sure that his mother let him go without one this afternoon. and the yaya asked him, "totoo ka ba?"

he replied, "totoo ako."

darn this kid.


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