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Part II

Anyway, as I was saying, probably one of the important things that I got from the call center experience was a sense of the character profile of the people who go into it. This is significant for me because I find them to be different from me. I find that there’s this difference in mental and emotional make-up, attitudes and values, and hopes and aspirations in life.

I feel like for most of my life I had only associated with a certain kind of people, the kind who belonged to the same more or less homogeneous mix as I did. I thought I was learning all about the world when I was in college, but maybe I wasn’t really.

I did interact with many kinds of different people while I was at college. We had research papers and field studies – lots of them. But I realize I was only interacting with them for academic purposes and reasons, and somehow it didn’t yield enough insight. Maybe it was because I was interacting with them from the other side of the fence, not from their side, so I didn’t know what their life was like.

What’s important about this insight about other people is the understanding of their lives that it yielded. I guess it kind of stripped down the wide-eyed wonder with which I approached it, when I was ready to make out traces of human beauty where there were to be found. I saw worlds from the other side of the fence and it gave me a sense of acceptance about the real world and the kinds of people who inhabit it. It was probably a dose of realism much needed by my innocence.

I think learning about them helps me feel a sense of compassion for them. This would definitely factor in if, for example, I am working on projects that could be affecting their lives. I learned about the kinds of shoes they wear, and I learned to walk around in them, test how they feel to me, and take what I could learn from it. I think I learned to understand them, and though this understanding cannot be said to be much, at the very least, I gleaned enough to inform my understanding of life, the world, and the reality in which I move.

But now I realize that this is boring. I wanna go to sleep now.


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