systems analyst

You know how you're talking with someone, and your conversation starts somewhere but branches off to somewhere else, like how conversations really go naturally?

Well, I was talking to Clyde and saying something like, let's make our lives happen na Clyde! Because I was explaining work and my options to her and something...and Clyde said that the reason she was staying at her job even though it was gubot (chaotic) was that she found it perfect for her.

She was going, it's so gubot, Cor! You know, their way of doing things.

Cory: Maybe it's because they're a young company, Clyde.

Clyde: Well, 5 years isn't young. Do you know what a systems analyst is?

Cory: No.

Clyde: They analyze the system.

Cory: Thank you, Clyde. I was very edified. (Hehe)


Clyde: Well, you know, systems analysts look at what can be changed about the system to make it more efficient. Hmmm...what are the things at work that I would change ha...Let me think....

(blah blah blah blah)

'Yun lang uy. Wala ra gud. Mao ra to, hehe! ^_^


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