tiny bubbles

march. 22. 2012.

The best moment of my day happened in the bath that day. I was opening my bottle of body wash and it spewed forth and upwards a lovely spray of tiny, rainbow-swirled bubbles. I was alone but I smiled to myself at this unexpected bouquet. Then, I puckered my lips and blew a wispy thread of a wind towards it, sending the bubbles scattering; some popped.

I knew then what just happened. It was The Best. Moment. Of. My. Day. Lala was right. Even if nothing much ever really happens in your day, there is still much to write about.

Like the houses you pass by. The trees. A walk you took. Missing your station while on the MRT. Stuff. The pretty little details of life.

Pretty little tiny bubbles. They’re the best thing.


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