The Christmas That I Spent Sleeping


“Pumunta si Cor dito para matulog,” Allison was saying to Lala. I, of course, was no longer present at the time of this comment because I was peacefully sleeping at a room on the second floor of Lala’s house, after I had excused myself from the dinner table at maybe 9:00 PM.

I had explained to Lala that I hadn’t been able to get some sleep the night before, something about friends having been over to bellecroft, and erratic sleeping schedules, as comprising the cause.

So she promised me she’d wake me up in two hours with the purpose in mind of me celebrating Christmas properly with the rest of them awake ones; but as it happened, she had decided later on that it was probably best to let me sleep on uninterrupted and so I didn’t awaken until Allison had gone home and the entire household had decided to turn out the lights and tuck themselves into bed as well.

I think she just wanted me out of the way.

So it was 2:00 AM already when I stirred and found Lala sleeping beside me. There were wrapped gifts beside my pillow. For some reason, Lala also stirred after some time and came into sleepy wakefulness. I started to bother her and chat her up and that’s how we ended up chitchatting in the wee hours of the morning on Christmas Day.

At this point, I’d disclose to you more things that happened after that but there really isn’t anything much to tell. I slept in the afternoon of Christmas, woke up to go to mass, and then slept again til it was the next day.

But I actually had a blast this Christmas.

Because I was awake at 3:00 in the morning and lying comfortably against a pillow I had propped over my bestfriend’s side, talking, and there’s really little in life better than that. Because I was being socially improper about dozing off but it was okay, anyway (I always hope to strive better next time). Because my brother called to check up on me and make sure I was doing fine. Because I was texting with my sibs and sisses-in-law as well. Because Renz, my nephew, had been handed the phone and I heard him greet, “Merry Christmas, Tita Cor!” before presumably turning his attention back to his toy gifts. Because I’m glad and relieved that everyone’s fine. Because Allison and Lala are the best bestfriends one could just ask for.

Love actually is all around.

So, gosh. This was definitely one of the best Christmases ever.


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