december 15, 2011

YM Chat with Allison

Cory: Allison??? Are you there???

Allison: yes...y?

Cory: where's lala?

Allison: Nasa "planning" session daw sila ngayon sa island cove, cavite. bukas pa balik nila, haha. text mo lang siya.

Cory: how sad...

Allison: aww...pagagalitan ko si LA bakit hindi ka nya sinama.. haha..

(and because it was his birthday the next day)

Cory: may birthday ba na parating na? (laughing emoticon)

Allison: not sure.. matagal pa yung susunod eh.. kakabirthday lang ni LA nung oct, tapos ikaw sa.. uhm, feb? or jan? haha

Hehehehe. Short chat lang naman where I asked about Lala and joked about Allison's birthday. Which brings me...Lala, what were you "really" doing in island cove, cavite, hmm? Quote and quote planning daw ha....Hehehe!


  1. i dare you to set up an investigative team to find out what i was "really" doing. (aside from hiding from cor) :p


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