fruitify my life

This is a break from the novelistic rambling I had going on about Phil. It just occurred to me that I couldn't possibly have managed to get by in this life without these things.

Lala: Pwede ka ba tom? Allison is on leave tom kasi, as advised by Dra. Lala.

Cory: He’s sick?

Lala: Nope, sick of work pwede. Hehe.

Cory: I’m sick of life...For the first time in my life, I actually said, fml. I'd never said that...

Lala: fml?????

Cory: Maybe that's part of coming back to your senses...

Lala: Sick of life???????

Cory: Yeah....

Lala: Yep, you have a point there. It's like you can only prescribe meds to a sick man once you correctly diagnose his illness.

Cory: Sigh. It's my fault. Fml.

Lala: Fml????? Fault My.....? Or is that a mumbled sigh? A phrase from the Bible suddenly hit me just now. Can’t remember from which part, pero it's something about God being the only one to give you life to the full. Life TO THE FULL! It strikes me as a very exciting concept just now. Wouldn’t it be nice to live life like that?

Cory: Oui.....

Lala: I’m not preaching or anything, I just realized na a life lived to the fullest ought to be what people are after pala, and not success or fame or even wealth.

Lala: Wait, what's fml ba?

Cory: Really?

Lala: Really what? That I don’t know fml?

Cory: Yeah, really, you don't know???

Lala: I haven’t come across that acronym in the elite circles I’ve been part of lately eh.

Cory: You wanna know? I was kind of swearing....

Lala: We only use words like ifr = im filthy rich, and irr = im right, right?Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Get it.

Cory: I feel like the angsty teenager I've never been...

Lala: What kind of impact was that huh, me only realizing it now? Hehehehe.

Cory: You got it?

Lala: Fruitify my life?

Cory: Exactly!!!!!

Lala: Falsify my life? Facilitate my life? Hehe.

Cory: Frolicking my life. Fortifying my life.

Lala: Fancy my life (with an I’m so lucky, smug air). Hehehe. Fictional --- my life. Just like an angsty book title.

Cory: Fun! my life. It's more fun in my life!

Lala: Tas my subheader na in the Philippines.

I feel sheepish. Ganito lang, natatawa na ako eh. Mababaw lang talaga ako, heehee. Thank you, Lalie! Labshu! :)


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