on the president of the united states

i've been reading a lot about barack obama these days. i've grown to admire him more and more for who he is as a person and what his life holds as an example for me (though his presidency and governmental policies are another story).

and then one evening, out of the blue, i suddenly said casually to chaida, "chaids, you know what, i think barack obama is gwapo."

chaida stopped, and after a pause, reacted in a long, drawn-out disagreement: "nooo..."

a touch embarrassed, i hastened to explain myself: "I don't mean that he's gwapo in a celebrity, hunk, kind of way. I mean, he's gwapo in a sort of...president kind of way..." (hihihi)

she said, "Oh, yeah, in an intelligent..."

"...yeah, sort of dignified kind of way," I said, finishing her statement with my thoughts. "He's pretty lean, you know, for a president..." (which makes you kind of raise your eyebrows. was i meaning to say that presidents were rather to be podgy and stodgy and quite rotund? - those words are just synonyms, by the way)

i thought about the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill with bp and how b. o. had taken a swim in one of the nearby beaches with his family to show the world the area was already safe and how the media had created a minor furor over his fitness and how in shape he was. (yes, we can always trust the media for some frivolous reporting every now and then...) but i neglected to pursue the topic anymore. who cares? and who knows anyway? i have to prevent myself from making the occasional everyday social gaffe.

next thing you know i might be commenting about how osama bin laden was attractive...in a terrorist kind of way...and who can have something like that?! heeheehee. and by the way, this obl idea is just a joke, ok, just in case you can't tell. i'm declaring that to play it safe. ^_^


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