a confused commentary

me right now - slack-jawed at israel media know-how.

1. it is presenting its rationale for attacking gaza surprisingly effectively.

2. the videos on the preparations that israeli soldiers made for engaging in the offensive, the one on the cost and human toll and effect of hamas aggression on israel inhabitants, and the ones providing blow-by-blow updates on the progress of the war and the accomplishments, as well as the one that illustrated israeli willingness and policy to avoid hitting targets with civilian casualties are all well-done, well-executed and well-presented. it just brings to my mind one disturbing thought: cannily premeditated.

3. israel understands that wars are no longer just won in land and ground skirmishes now. they have to be won in the international mind as well.

- bah. don't know how to word it. basta. stay tuned nalang to the news.


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