it hits me just now that tomorrow my beloved US 2012 presidential elections will be coming to an end. it is "beloved" for me not because i am a die-hard sycophant of america, but because the entire ride was just so hilarious. it was a scream and i was wiping tears of laughter from my eyes continually the whole time. it was a laugh trip, so it was dear. :D

and incredibly, there won't be news about it anymore to make me laugh. :( so sad. but before we turn the page, let us slip in one more reason why the 2012 US elections had so much to give us to laugh about.

here's a final gem from mitt romney, a line from his speech: "Tomorrow we begin a new tomorrow. Tomorrow there will be a better tomorrow." can he say the word "tomorrow" enough?! it's already giving some people grief, including a former white house counselor who wondered, who is mitt romney's speechwriter? was it stephen colbert, maker of the sign "Making A Better Tomorrow Tomorrow"? (hahaha)

i'm really going to miss this. so yes, it will be a new tomorrow tomorrow. hihihihi!


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