one direction morning with mafel!

i woke up early today, and immediately started making my bed. mafel was already awake, and she was playing games on her iphone, and she asked, mata na ka cor? (gising ka na, cor?) murag, i replied after tilting my head to the side for a moment as if still deciding. (i said, parang.) you're making your bed na man gud, mafel said.

i went down to our sala and little kitchen, snatching my headphones with me along the way, and began washing the laundry i'd let soak the night before. i was handwashing them while one direction was singing in my ears -

i've tried playing it cool
but when i'm looking at you,
i can't ever be brave
'cause you make my heart race.

mafel came down and took a bath in the first-floor bathroom, where she could hear me singing one direction. with the result that she was singing it after as well: i need that one thing! and you got that one thing!

she wanted breakfast so we decided to cook us some, and she cooked most of it while still in her towel, hahaha! we heated tap water to have something to drink because we had already ran out of clean distilled water over the weekend. i suggested we cook my rice, because it cooks faster than hers.

she scrambled some eggs and stole a tomato off someone else's pile (isa lang, we said, hihihi) and mixed it in. we added my can of sausages to our meal.

then breakfast was ready so we got a loudspeaker, plugged my phone to it and live-blared one direction:

so get out, get out, get out of my head,
and fall into my arms instead.
i don't, i don't, don't know what it is
but i need that one thing
and you've got that one thing!

mafel ate ahead while i carried on with my laundry. i was still at it by the time she left for work, and said bye. i finished, ate, washed my dishes, swept the floor, took my bath, went out the door, visited the water delivery shop and placed an order, and finally, hailed a taxi to get to work.

it was a simple, unadorned kind of morning. nothing big, just a pretty nice one direction morning... :)


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