happy birthdays

lala's birthday is every oct 13, and i was readying myself for that because it's the BIG EVENT for every october. so when oct 12 passed, and the first minutes of oct 13 began ticking in, and i was still awake that time, i decided to greet her right away!

cory: Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday to you!!! ay labs u, lalie!! happy birtday! :)

lala replied: What???! hahaha, pls tell me you're joking. :p that's it, i need to return your stuff na nga by tom. :p

(i had left a notebook planner which contained my schedule in allison's car and it was currently in lala's custody and i needed to get it from her)

i was a little bewildered by her ungracious answer so i checked the calendar again for the day's date. it was actually still oct 6, not oct 13, so i was a week early for lala's birthday.

cory: oh yeah...advance! i meant for you not to read that today, but next saturday...lam mo naman kc my penchant for lateness. naninigurado lang, hehe.

and this month, sometime this weekend, me, clyde, and some other friends are planning an out-of-town trip to celebrate clyde's birthday, which is this week. so as early as the 24th, i was reminding myself to greet clyde on her birthday, which is on the 26th. nonetheless, as is typical of me, i only barely managed to greet clyde within the day. i found time only in the wee hours of the 27th, but i decided to send her the text anyway, better late than never:

cory: clyde, belated happy happy birthday!!! i'm praying for you!!! :) :) :) ugma nalang ko magsend sa imu ug tarong na msg clyde ha kay la na ko load...(bukas na lang ako mag-sesend sa yo ng mas matinong message, okay, kc wala na akong load)...happy birthday!!! :)

clyde's reply: cor, sa 29 pa akong birthday oy, hehe (cor, sa 29 pa ang birthday ko, oy)

i was a little chagrined, so i had to reply: di naman gud ko ganahan ma-late karon clyde. nagbag-ong buhay na ko ba. mao ng karon ko naggreet sa imu: ADVANCE happy birthday!!! :) :) :)

(translation: i don't like being late na kc clyde. nagbagong-buhay na ako. that's why it's today i'm greeting you: ADVANCE happy birthday!!! :)

hihihi! well, you know, looking at the bright side, whereas before i was always somewhere between late and never, now i am in ADVANCE! Improvement! hahahaha! :)


  1. eto cor, new challenge! birthday ni allison sa dec 16! say it with me! again! say it backwards! again!

    then again, all it takes is a little foresight and a little help from technology: you can always set your the date to your alarm.:D

  2. hey, in fairness sa akin, i've managed to greet allison on his birthday the right day and within the day! yay! moreover, i did greet you on your birthday the right day as well! :p

    and you know, with regard to jumbling 29 with 26, you know...6 is really the inverse of 9 so i was close...hihihi (nag-rationalize kuno)

    labs u!!!!!! :):):) mwah!


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