the middle east

ok, let me see if i have this a little straight:

hezbollah is in lebanon,
hamas - gaza,
the taliban - afghanistan,
qadaffi - libya (and did i just misspell qaddafi? in some places, it's gaddafi...),
what was in iraq? saddam hussein (and weapons of mass destruction, supposedly).
in pakistan? i don't know. bin laden was in pakistan. some more violence perhaps and elements of the taliban roaming around?
iran - there's ahmadinejad (and the ayatollahs)
could i possibly get into trouble with a list like this?

this is just an intellectual exercise, you know. not even intellectual. it's like the elementary primer of the ABC's of the middle east.

so there's israel and the jews and the zionists,
and...what else is there? oil and the u. a. e.?

oh, don't forget syria. wait, what's going on in syria?


just learning my 1, 2, 3's.


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