a president's to-do list

(as i imagine it, looking through the prism of this week and the weeks prior)

1. Campaign to get re-elected,

2. Do your day job while campaigning, which is quite a juggling act and a logistics and political challenge, and that's not even considering the intense stress and pressure you have coming to you from these two monumentally difficult jobs,

3. Deal as president with a horrifyingly devastating super-hurricane (Sandy) hitting your shores and land by mounting a swift and successful relief effort and providing governmental care while politically acknowledging the reality of global warming and climate change and the need to do something about that or else it's apocalypse,

4. Receive, within 3 days of sitting in re-elected office, the letter of resignation from your CIA Director, who is stepping down due to a "spyfall" affair that has broken out,

4.1 And which has also blown open the lid on some "potentially inappropriate" behavior some of the generals in your army have apparently been engaging in on the side,

4.2 Not to mention the fact that it brings out into the open as well the also inappropriate behavior of an FBI agent sending females shirtless photos of himself and,

4.3 What sort of reality show/soap opera was that? (lol),

5. But that might be a little okay because it doesn't really involve you directly, it's just members of your (important) rank and file; although as president, come to think of it, somehow it does involve and affect your office tangentially (right?) in an important way (you need those fellows to be doing their jobs),

6. And then a country to which you're bound to as an ally decides to bomb and militarily attack an internationally unrecognized state, organization, and people with whom they are repeatedly in conflict with, and that's a crisis that is not just theirs but also yours,

7. So you have to deal with escalating tensions in that region because you vowed to be pro-peace there and to try to cultivate ties to that region and within that region that are as diplomatic as possible,

8. But then again yours is the country that is supplying the militarily aggressing country with bombs and missiles and other sophisticated weapons ammunition as well as fighter airplanes and other military technology, so it's just a little awkward to be reaching out to the other party when the things splintering them apart have tags that read, "Made in the US...", so it's understandable if they might be a little suspicious of where you might be coming from but nothing that cannot be overcome of course,

9. Since you're a key player in the game and they need you in order to arrive at a workable solution somehow,

10. And all the while, there hangs the threat of more looming militant (and perhaps religious?) anger in the region that could have the effect of pulling more middle eastern countries into the already complicated fray,

11. While iran looks on with its secretive nuclear activities and hopefully it's not going to make a move that could potentially make matters worse because that's the last thing anyone really needs right now,

12. Because if iran's there on the table then there's the possibility that russia and china might just decide that they cannot just stand there,

13. So then the world might just have that axis-allies thing going on again, only with slightly different players this time around?,

14. And in the meantime, you have a southeast asian diplomatic tour to complete where you are speaking in behalf of democracy and its advancement in a world that's anything but certain and stable...

sigh...some people in the world have all that on their plates, and i can't even write part 2 of my op-ed blogpost. :(


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