there's this mug that i want to buy. i saw it in the department store yesterday and it has a quote on the side that says:

The most beautiful day: today.

i thought - that's just beautiful. it's beautiful to be reminded that today is a beautiful day, especially when you're just having another day that seems destined to be just like the one before.

and you're at work and you plug your earphones to your ear to try to dispel the monotonous hum of nothing in the background. even though you're tired of your over-played, worn-out playlist and longing for a sound that's new and rocky and edgy and alternative. something sort of indie and stirring and well-worded. something less trite and banal and superficial and easy and marshmallow-y. something perhaps less pop and taylor swift-y and more lady antebellum and...i don't know.

and then after a few of my usual, oft-played songs, i hear the sound of crashing waves in my ears and i wonder, what song do i have that has this crashing-waves intro? and the answer:

baby, you light up my world like nobody else!
the way that you flip your hair
gets me overwhelmed,
but when you smile at the ground
it ain't hard to tell -
you don't know (uh oh!)
you don't know you're beautiful!!!

for what it's worth - poppy, trite, marshmallow-y and all - at least my playlist knows how to give my day a little pick-me-up! heehee! :D


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