food memories: valer club, 2013

i woke up today and there was the smell of pasta in the air. obviously, my roommate, mafel, was cooking pasta. as i was going out the door to leave for work, i contemplated bringing some pasta with me. i was already holding a container in my hand when i thought better of it - i was running late.

because of the container i was holding, i remembered the time last year when pitchie cooked food and put some in a container for me to bring to the office. here is the container:

 photo 9539dfcc-4a2a-4726-af00-b26288d8142c_zpsdafe5cee.jpg

the container reads: Dear Cur, take this as a sign of my love.. : p

there were rice and fish in the container, which i happily ate at the office. you know, one of my favorite moments in life is when other people give me food. it makes me so happy.

pitchie is very sweet, isn't she? later that evening, we were walking home and she asked me how i found the fish. i started to make a face. "'di ko kasi masabi kung masarap ba yung fish or hindi eh. para kasing...kulang. kelangan ko pa ata ng more "signs of love" para masabi ko talaga..."

"che!" she said, walking faster and leaving me on the sidewalk in response to my words. hihihi.

there was another time when it was running late into the night and i had not yet arrived home. she texted:

Cory, uwi ka na, gabi na.

i was immediately deliberately annoying: wow, pitch, na-touch ako. ni-ready mo na ang pagkain ko? thank you! :)

she knew just how to respond: yes, Cur, kung wala ka pa in 10 seconds, kakainin ko 'to.

when i arrived home, lotis, pitchie, and tatay were there and i saw some leftover food on the table, including leftover slices of cake. "wow, pitch, ito na siguro 'yung hinanda mo na pagkain para sa akin."

"oo, pero ibibigay ko lang sana 'yan sa 'yo kung dumating ka in the last 10 seconds. tapos na ang 10 seconds," she said.

undeterred, i got a fork and was starting to take a bite of the cake when tatay suddenly butted in and said, "tapos na ang 10 seconds! tapos na ang 10 seconds!" he swiftly snatched away the fork with the cake on it that was making its way into my open mouth and began to hastily put the food, including the cake, away.

walang-hiya. see, the thing about this house is that hindi kasi uso ang manners dito eh...hihihi.

"joke lang, cor..." tatay said, giving back the food. che! (gaganti ako next time...) ^_^


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