"natal day" activities

only lala could have come up with that term. she texted me:

what are the good lady cory's plans for her looming natal day festivities?

i replied: i don't know eh. let's have dinner 25 or 26 and then watch zero dark 30? cha think?

lala: i can do 26! sure! san tayo nood? hehe. saka zero dark 30 pa rin talaga? don't you wanna do a really great rom-com fest instead? hehe, inspired by my recent watching of you've got mail kc, heehee. we'll treat you to dinner, your pick. between jollibee and mcdo. : p

cory: jollibee nalang. please rent the entire restaurant for the day for our exclusive use and please make sure that everybody goes home with their own bag of giveaway goodies. tnx.

i'll think about the movie logistics later. rom-coms are social constructs that lead people to believe in illusory notions of love and as such are not worth our time.

: D


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